IEA Equestrian Team

Happy RidersDo you at least walk, trot and canter in control in a group?
Do you desire to show on different horses and go to away stables?
Do you like the idea of riding as a team?


What is IEA? IEA stands for “Interscholastic Equestrian Association” You can check it out here: Basically, stables form teams and join IEA to compete against other stable teams under an IEA format in Hunt Seat, Saddle Seat and/or Western riding. Cedar Lodge competes in Hunt Seat. After their first year of membership, teams must host, or co host a horse show. Teams come to these horse shows and compete on that team’s horses, or horses that that team provides for the competition.


Just the facts:

Open to riders in grades 4-8 and riders in grades 9-12.
To qualify for points, riders must attend a minimum of 2 shows and can show in no more then 5.
Full show attire required. Selection of coats, shirts, riding pants and boots of various sizes in stock.
Cedar Lodge coaches decide class(s) for each rider to participate in for season.

Cedar Lodge Riding Requirements:

Riders that have attended camp in the previous summer, or are taking regular lessons at Cedar Lodge:
No evaluation ride

Team winRiders from other barns: Evaluation ride before their first show at a cost of $35.00.

All riders that are in a regular lesson program at Cedar Lodge or other barn: Minimum of three lessons at Cedar Lodge during the show season, either by weekly/monthly lessons by appointment(team price of $30.00/lesson), or attending a riding weekend at: Housing-20/night, Meals-7-10/meal, Lessons-30/lesson (riders can sign up for as many as 4 lessons in a weekend, morning and afternoon, two a day) Local riders can drive in for same and defray housing/food costs).

For riders not in a regular riding lesson program: Two riding lesson each month during show season.Other riding times (Summer Camp, Winter Camp, etc.) can count towards IEA rides.

Note: If riders or the team qualifies for regional, zone or national championship (occurs in March/April) additional lessons will be required.

Competitions will be announced as they are discovered. Cedar Lodge will travel to as many shows as needed to make sure all team members have the chance to full fill their 5 shows for the season. Shows are usually with in 2 hours of camp and sometimes require an over night stay. All attempts will be made to make this experience as cost effective as possible, including providing transportation to shows and sharing accommodations.


Annual Fee of $60.00 membership paid to IEA per team you join for 6-12 grade, 35.00 membership for 4th and 5th graders.
Annual team fee of $40.00.
Individual class cost of $40 per class. Each rider will show in one or two classes (dependent on rider level at beginning show season).
Coaching fee $30.00/rider/show
Housing either at camp ($20.00/night) or Motel
Food Expenses
Travel Expenses to be determine by distance and number of ridersTeam Jackets


Contact Amy Edwards at: for more information or to see if you qualify.

For Further Information on Interscholastic Equestrian Association
877-RIDE-IEA or
We are in Region 8 – Zone 5