Camp Staff

Each year we take up the challenge of hiring a new staff to play with us for a season or two. We are usually working with a group of our staff from the previous summer with plans on returning, and a few select campers moving up to junior staff positions, but there are always significant holes left that take care and patience to fill.

Though on rare occasions we may hire a exceptional staff member that is 18 or 19, the average age of our staff is 20-24 years old. They must have at least one year of college, three good references, a clean police record, and experience in both several skill areas and with children. Our Staff come from various parts of the US and abroad. International staff must also hold exceptional English communication skills.

We hire friendly, cohesive young people to help your child enjoy their camping experience, each staff member is chosen for their initiative, creativity and love of children. All staff are specialist in one of more areas of program. The all enjoy teaching and working with young children in an outdoor setting. They are hired for their ability to be good role models, ability to relate well with children, maturity, work ethic and general good nature.

There is at least one counselor living in each cabin of eight to ten campers, with larger cabins and younger camper’s cabins usually having two counselors. Cabin camper\staff ratio is 1-8. Day camper\staff ratio is 1-5.

All Staff must be at camp one week prior to the first week for in in-depth training and orientation week. During this week the staff is trained in CPR and First Aid, given time to familiarize themselves with their program areas, given training in child development and potential child problems, trained in group games and prepared for the arrival of 60 energetic campers on Sunday.

Riding and Swimming staff must come an additional training week before camp, to focus extensively on the riding and swimming programs offered at camp. Archery staff come several days early to participate in a special archery clinic. Extra care and training is given to these three potentially dangerous areas to assure that best safety rules that can be followed will be.

2020 Summer

Staff hiring for 2020 has started early this year. Amanda has hired a riding staff (bio will be up soon) and is hard at work with several others. Hiring staff is a work in progress. Check back often for new additions! In case you are wondering, each of the CL staff were asked quiz questions that were posted in the spring CL newsletter. Their answers are below.


Riding Instructor

Hey campers, my name’s Ashley!

This will be my fifth year on staff, and my third year as a barn staff member.
I was born and raised at Cedar Lodge for all 23 years of my life. There hasn’t been a summer that I’ve spent away from camp. I’m really looking forward to teaching riding of all levels through camp and meeting you all! When it comes to my out of camp life, I’m currently in my second year of college at Albion College studying Exercise Science. I enjoy my extra time riding, spending time at the barn, playing guitar, and working out. I’m looking forward to a great summer and meeting you all very soon!

2020 quiz answers:
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip
Spirit Animal: Panda
Favorite Breakfast Food: Pancakes
3 Things to Bring to a Desert Island: Matches, machete and guitar



Hi everyone.
My name is Halil. I study at the sports academy. I like to play sports, listen to music, read books and spend time with my friends in my free time. I will come from Turkey to work at Cedar Lodge. I am excited to start my job at Cedar Lodge and I am also excited for spending time with you!


Riding Instructor

Hey everyone!
My name is Olivia (or Livi) and I’m from the small, but beautiful New Zealand.
This will be my first summer at Cedar Lodge as a riding instructor, and I am beyond excited!
I love animals, snow-boarding, the beach, anything in the outdoors, and travelling.
I can’t wait to meet you all 🙂


Arts and Crafts

Shannon Arts and CraftsHi I’m Shannon and I’m from Ireland!
I love everything to do with arts and crafts, and in my free time I enjoy swimming, drawing, yoga, being outdoors and spending time with my dog.

This is my first time working at Cedar Lodge and I can’t wait to get stuck in to camp life and help all the campers to have the best summer! See you there!!

All the best,



Hey Campers!

My name is Zuanna. I study Swedish Philology, but one of my biggest passions is sports! All kinds! This summer I will be a lifeguard and I will teach you how to swim. In my free time I hang out with my friends, go to concerts, listen to music, travel and learn foreigh languages. I will come to you from Poland to spend this amazing time together!

My life motto: Only good vibes!


Support staff

Hi everyone! My name is Burak. I’m from Turkey, and I’m first grade Statistics student at Middle East Techinical University in Ankara.

I love traveling, listening music and cooking. I want to meet new people and improve my english skills. Cedar Lodge is my first overseas

experience, and this will start in America!. I’m so excited to be part of the team this summer, and I can’t wait to meet and spend time with all amazing campers and staff!


Riding Instructor

Jessica and her horseHi, my names Jess and this will be my first year on camp! I am well and truely excited to get started this year. From as long as I can remember I’ve been riding and I’m so excited to start with you all. I’m also excited to meet everyone too and have good fun this summer. Can’t wait to meet you guys! See you all in the summer.


All around kind of helpful guy

Hi everyone I’m Alex! I’m from Glenview, Illinois and this will be my 5th year working at camp Cedar Lodge. I’ve always enjoyed the fresh outdoor air and cozy feeling of Cedar Lodge. When I’m not at camp I am working towards a associates degree at Oakton Community college. In my free time I like exercising, playing video games, or watching movies. I’m looking forward to seeing all the old faces as well as some new ones!


Riding Instructor/Barn personnel/Organizer/Where needed

Hey guys! My name is Becca and I can’t wait to meet you all this summer! I am from Ann Arbor, MI but am currently attending graduate school in Atlanta, GA. I started as a camper here at Cedar Lodge when I was 10 and graduated on to a staff position later. I’m excited to be able to spend a part of my summer at camp again and hope you are excited too!


Riding, Sports

Hi my name is Amanda and I am super excited to be on staff again this summer. I am from Bloomfield Hills, MI but am currently living in Ann Arbor. I have just finished my first year of Medical school at Wayne State University. In my free time I enjoy riding and playing polo on my school’s team. I am also the captain of the women’s club ultimate Frisbee team so if anyone wants to learn some awesome throws come find me. This summer I will mostly be in the barn teaching riding lessons, drill team, polo and taking horseback overnights. I look forward to seeing all the new and familiar faces, so get excited for summer 2015.


Riding Instructor, Camping, Folk Dance and Lore, Land Sports, Singing, Hiking, Nature, Bugs, Camp Band, Canoing, Waterfront, Funny Stuff

With some many great old faces to see and so many wonderful new faces to meet, how could I possibly resist coming back to camp for yet another summer. I would just miss the fun way too much. Those who know me know I love camp. I love the culture of camp, the philosophy of camp and all the great things camp gives to campers like you. In my 25 years, I have only ever missed two summers. For me, camp is a way of life. I am eager to see you all this summer and to do what I love. Which is share with you this wonderful place called Cedar Lodge, and to help you learn, grow, and have fun.

If you want to know where you can find me this summer, you will have to do some searching around. I will spend a lot of my time at the waterfront lifeguarding for free swim, boating, and other activities at the lake. You will also find my hiking in the woods, keeping Sr. unit in line, making friendship bracelets in the A&C, playing SPUD on the lawn, and maybe even in the barn on occasion. And If you ask nicely, I will even teach you to hang a spoon off of your nose (and other important life skills that you only learn at camp)

What about my none-camp life you may wonder. Well, I graduated from Kalamazoo College in 04′ with a BA in psychology. I spent 8 months living, working, and traveling in Africa. Now I am working and hopefully starting graduate school in the fall to get my Master’s. In my free time, I read, do yoga and swim laps to keep my lifeguarding muscles in tip top shape for camp.